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Indonesian Snacks: Culinary Delights Worth Exporting and Building Connections

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The dynamic archipelago of Indonesia, which is renowned for its rich culture and delicious food, provides a wide variety of mouthwatering snacks that are worth introducing to the rest of the globe. Indonesian snacks, which range from savory delights to sweet treats, have distinctive flavors and textures that can appeal to palates around the world. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best Indonesian snacks as well as the exporting process for these delectable treats and how to build strong international commercial relationships.

Indonesia’s Main Food Products Sold Abroad

1. Silver Queen Chocolate

Almost every child today is familiar with Silver Queen Chocolate, a legendary chocolate snack. This product was created in Indonesia by PT. Petra Food in Bandung since 1956. Silver Queen chocolate has been sold in 17 different countries, including the United States, the Philippines, and Singapore. Silver Queen controls more than half of the chocolate snack market in Indonesia.

The chocolate bar with cashew nuts is one of Silver Queen’s best-selling items. SilverQueen Cashew Milk Chocolate Chocolate 68 g, for example. This wonderful chocolate flawlessly combines chocolate, milk, and cashews for local or foreign tastes.

2. Nano Nano Candy

Nano Nano is the answer if you want to improve your vocabulary. Nano Nano is known for its odd flavors, but it is still enjoyable. When it originally launched, Nano Nano had a revolutionary taste that was a blend of sweet, sour, and salty flavors all at once.

Nano Nano now comes in a variety of flavors, including Nano Nano with Rujak Pineapple, Nano Nano with Candied Starfruit, Nano Nano with Candied Orange Peel, and Nano Nano Candied Starfruit. Soft-chewy Nano Nano Chewy is also available. Nano Nano candy is proven to alleviate negative emotions.

3. Kopiko Candy

Kopiko candy is an Indonesian confection that made a splash after being transported into space by US astronauts. This coffee candy is quite popular in other nations and has even been exported to 40 countries. All owing to the enticing quality of Kopiko candy. This candy is not only coffee-flavored candy; it is created with the finest Indonesian coffee extract. As a result, it appears that individuals from many countries will accept it. Kopiko is currently available in a convenient and attractive blister pack, Kopiko Coffee Candy Blister Candy.

4. Dua Kelinci

The Dua Kelinci Peanut is a well-known traditional Indonesian delicacy. This Pati, Central Java, product is indeed well-known. This product initially launched in 1972 as an attempt to increase the value and prosperity of farmers’ crops. The original name was Sari Gurih with the Dua Kelinci emblem, not Dua Kelinci.

However, because the term Dua Kelinci was more popular, the name was changed to kacang Dua Kelinci in 1985. Dua Kelinci peanuts have been exported to a number of nations in addition to being consumed locally. Now Dua Kelinci has penetrated the international market, starting from Australia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China and several countries in Europe.

Benefits of Exporting

Exports are useful not only for building cooperation and links with other countries, but also for increasing the country’s economic wealth.

Export activities can also broaden market opportunities abroad, increase investment, and broaden the reach of the domestic market. A country can launch superior items and develop export markets through exports. Furthermore, exports can aid in the reduction of trade barriers between countries and the expansion of international trade cooperation.

Another advantage of carrying out export activities for another country is that it allows a country to handle surplus capacity of a commodity while managing the price of its product.

This is because when a product is simple to manufacture and capacity is plentiful, the price of the product in the country is lower.To deal with this, export activities to nations who need it the most are required, so that product prices can be managed.





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