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Indonesia as a Top Producer of Copra Products

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Indonesia consistently tops the list of nations that produce the most coconuts on a yearly basis since it is the world’s greatest producer of the fruit. Due to this fact, Indonesia is also Southeast Asia’s top producer of coconuts. Readers who still have questions about this topic can find answers in here. Which nation produces the most copra globally? What is the name of the nation that produces the most coconuts or copra globally? Is coconut a native to only Indonesia?


World center for coconut production

According to FAO data, the world’s centers for coconut production from 2014 to 2018 are located in five nations: Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. With an average annual production of 18.04 million tonnes of coconuts, Indonesia tops this list of production hubs as the world’s greatest producer of coconuts. Indonesia’s success in producing coconuts made up 29.69% of the total global production of coconuts.

With a contribution of 23.71 percent, the Philippines are in second place, ahead of India (18.60 percent), Sri Lanka (4.50 percent), and Brazil (4.21 percent). The contribution of other nations to the global production of coconuts is 19.28 percent, which is not even more than Indonesia’s contribution.


Consistency of Indonesian coconut output

Between 2014 and 2018, Indonesia was the world’s top producer of coconuts for at least five years in a row. The winner is Indonesia. It only competes with the Philippines, which consistently comes in second place, as a coconut producer. India has also consistently been third in the world in terms of coconut production since 2014.

According to data on agricultural traffic on the IQFAST Barantan system, copra and other coconut derivatives are listed as the province of North Sulawesi’s highest-valued export products.
This commodity’s export demand has been increasing over time. In addition to North Sulawesi, copra was supplied from other places to meet the increased demand. Among others, from Gorontalo, Central Sulawesi, and the North Maluku Islands. One way that copra is transported by sea is through the Bitung Seaport.


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